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Period costume making is the result of careful research into art books, paintings, early prints and from studying the history of costume.
Once the costume has been chosen the pattern is drawn out onto paper, ready for use when it comes to cutting out the cloth.
After selecting the appropriate cloth (brocade, damask, velvet. . .) which best reflects the period style the outfit is then cut out, sewn and tailored.
The finishing touches are very accurate, using lace, macramé, trimmings, ribbon, fine cord and strass, pearls , all as similar as possible to the original in every detail.
We make costumes from every period from 1500-1800, cloaks, mantles tabarri, zendali, jabot, corsets and hats, all made to order and to measure, choosing pattern, cloth and finishings together with the client.
Each outfit is one-of-a-kind and therefore irreplaceable, to guarantee originality and uniqueness.
Once you are wearing our costumes you will relive the atmospheric magic of Venice in one of her more sumptuous periods.

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