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In our handycraft laboratory in the heart of venice, we produce tipical venitian Masks, porcellain dolls and costums, all in respect of the venetian tradition.
I started off as an artisan in the mid-70’s, working with glass and creating designer jewellery.
With the revival of interest in the Carnival in the early 80’s I ventured into mask-making and opened a small shop-cum-studio where my first creations in papier-maché were lovingly and inventively created, to which period costumes and porcelain dolls have gradually been added.
Once my daughter Grazia had finished studying art I took over larger business premises a short distance from St Mark’s Square, where together we now produce a vast assortment of masks, combining tradition with innovation in order to guarantee novel and unique products for our customers.
By studying the history of carnival and costume we have specialised also in the manufacture of costumes and dolls which are exclusive, one-of-a-kind items precisely because they are made entirely by hand.
In memory of my parents’ former business we have also decided to add to our range articles designed as bombonnières, thus offering original ideas for every kind of ceremony.

Hoping to satisfy your every expectation, we invite you to come and look at our creations.

Maria Rita


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