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da / from:    Crystal Jing Zhou
data / date: 04/06/2018
Hi, madam! My name is Crystal Jing Zhou, a Chinese nursing student. I am traveling in Italy, and I am going to visit Venice on tomorrow. Having a triangle doll is one of my dreams. My friends told me that the dolls you made are the most beautiful, but they require booking advanced. So, may I reserve a triangle doll, a small pink one? Thank you so much! To make that clear, the cod. is BTC 103LV, Triangle of love, 16cm . Many thanks! Warm regards, Crystal Jing Zhou

da / from:    Fabrizio
data / date: 15/02/2018
Grazie per aver soddisfatto appieno la mia bizzarra richiesta, realizzando una maschera unica nel suo genere: Lord Darcia III è pronto per il prossimo Carnevale! Opera eccellente, ben al di là delle mie più rosee aspettative.

da / from:    Annie
data / date: 24/07/2017
hello ¡Ai want to buy triangel ¡Aalready send email for you¡Aplease check¡CThanks

da / from:    Janie
data / date: 20/03/2016
Hello Maria, I'm Janie. Nice to meet you. I'm going to visit you from France on March 31st, haha ,I look forward to buying the Triangel of Love, see you then!

da / from:    Christie
data / date: 03/01/2016
Hi,I really enchanted by these amazing dolls.Doe it really in need that I need to reserve months ago? Especially the pink one?

da / from:    Kelly
data / date: 17/08/2015
Greeting from Singapore! Your dolls is like one of the most beautiful thing that I have seen. Fantastica :)

da / from:    Kelsey W
data / date: 15/11/2014
Bought a mask and a TriAngel on 13.nov 2014, It was awesome because can't believe I could really buy a triangel in Venice! xx <3

da / from:    CHRISSY
data / date: 29/10/2014
The first time I know the triangel was in 2007.07, When I was 12 years old. On my birthday MY LITTLE BF give this to me. I can feel this doll isn't like others. And this year is the 8 years with my BF. I WANT TO VISIT YOUR STORE WITH MY LOVER. GIVE U THE BEST WISHES.

da / from:    Danny
data / date: 24/10/2014
I just wanted to thank everyone at Magie di Carnevale in Venice for picking up my wallet, posting it all the way to Melbourne and even putting a bit of their own money in the postage. Sorry if I annoyed you with those emails, and once again thanks for your time and effort.

da / from:    Ben
data / date: 24/09/2014
How can order triangle doll sent to China thanks you ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Ben, You can write a Email to receive any information about the TriAngel and the shipping cost best regards Magie di Carnevale

da / from:    Sara
data / date: 22/09/2014
Do you have any shop to sell TriAngel in France or Spain? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Sara, I'm sorry but we have only one shop in Venice, Italy, But we can send all over in the world!! If you like receive information you can write at:

da / from:    wing/CHINA
data / date: 01/09/2014
When stores are open? Triangel need reservation? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Costumer, We want to inform you that if you want to reserve your Triangel you can write an email to this address: Thank you so much, have a nice day.

da / from:    catherine jaow
data / date: 22/08/2014
Hello,how can i order triangel doll? I am a Malaysian. I love triangel doll so much. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Costumer, We want to inform you that if you want to reserve your Triangel you can write an email to this address: Thank you so much, have a nice day.

da / from:    Karmen Li
data / date: 18/08/2014
I finally received my 4 Tri angels and they look amazing. It was worth the long wait. Cant wait until my next 4 dolls and one step closer to the whole set. Thank you so much for the gorgeous dolls

da / from:    I appreciate, cause I found just what I was lookin
data / date: 29/07/2014
I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

da / from:    Zhenyu Lu
data / date: 24/07/2014
Hi: Could I order a Love Trangel and deliver to the UK? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Costumer, We want to inform you that if you want to reserve your Triangel you can write an email to this address: Thank you so much, have a nice day.

da / from:    
data / date: 19/07/2014
Hi, I'm planning for my daughter's 18th birthday Venetian party. I would like a favour miniature mask for her guests. How much it cost for multi order and do you post in uk? I will be anticipating for your reply. Many thanks, Geraldine ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Costumer, We want to inform you that if you want to receive more info you can write an email to this address: Thank you so much, have a nice day.

da / from:    Leslie CHU
data / date: 19/07/2014
I want to buy a "triangle" ( name is¡°Triangel of Love¡±). But I'm in Guangzhou China now. How can I buy it? I'm looking forward to your reply. Thanks a lot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Costumer, We want to inform you that if you want to reserve your Triangel you can write an email to this address: Thank you so much, have a nice day.

da / from:    Magie di Carnevale Staff
data / date: 12/07/2014
Sorry, we're closed one week for Holidays. from 12/7 to 22/7 Good summer to everyone!!!!! The office will be closed, but the shop it is always open to wait you.... ;)

da / from:    Michelle
data / date: 11/07/2014
Hi, how to order? Did it delivery available to malaysia?thanks... _____________________________________________________________ Dear Costumer, We want to inform you that if you want to reserve your Triangel you can write an email to this address: Thank you so much, have a nice day.

da / from:    AJ
data / date: 27/06/2014
Hi, I will visit Venice at 15th July, i would like to buy a Triangel of Love, so do i need to book it first ?

da / from:    Ivy
data / date: 19/06/2014
How can order triangle doll sent to Sydney thanks you

da / from:    Magie di Carnevale Staff
data / date: 06/06/2014

da / from:    Summer
data / date: 02/06/2014
Thank you very much, I had received both Triangel of Love and Harmony. I love them very much

da / from:
data / date: 24/05/2014
Where and how can I order triangle dolls

da / from:    
data / date: 23/05/2014
can you tell me can I order a triangel doll to send to hong kong thak you

da / from:    Emily
data / date: 04/05/2014
hello,I want to know how can I reserve the triangel

da / from:     LI Mengshu
data / date: 03/05/2014
I really love the triangel cause i feel relieved when i look at them.and i hope that i can find my next love and last love by holding the triangel of love. I will be in venise in july, hope see you soon!!

da / from:    JING YANG
data / date: 05/04/2014
I hope to book a triangel of love! I will come here on 19th of April, 2014.PLEASE!!!!!!! I appreciate you soooooooo much!!!!!

da / from:    Georg Scheidl, Nürnberg
data / date: 11/03/2014
Thank you for the beautiful Casanove-Costume. I´m very proud wearing an origin one handmade by you. Looking forward to see you next year at the latest. Hari om.

da / from:    Jacy
data / date: 03/01/2014
Finally received my Traingel. I love it so much. Thank you

da / from:    
data / date: 26/10/2013
Hello-Rebecca and I are safely home and she looks glorious sitting on the bed-I am delighted with her and it was so nice to meet you both in the shop last week. Linda

da / from:    Susie Ong Singapore
data / date: 14/10/2013
I got my lovely Triangel from your place, I'm so in love with it. Thank you so much for the wonderful handmade doll. It's simply beautiful. Thank you. Thank you.

da / from:    joe
data / date: 04/09/2013
lovely dolls.

da / from:    Linda Jones
data / date: 19/08/2013
Hello-I am so excited to find your shop with such beautiful dolls-I look forward so much to visiting you to buy one when we come to Venice on 22nd October, 2013 and one of your beautiful hooded satin capes. S you soon!

da / from:    Constance chow
data / date: 05/08/2013
I found the doll for triangle . So beauty doll and marks . And the doll is the most beauty doll when I saw anywhere . When I have a travel to vanes that visit the workshop.

da / from:    Magie di Carnevale
data / date: 05/08/2013

da / from:    Sheila
data / date: 13/07/2013
Pierre and I will visit in Sept (we delayed our trip). Look forward to seeing you. Mom and Dad say hello. Sheila

da / from:    Chiara Salviato
data / date: 20/05/2013
Ciao mi chiamo Chiara e abito a Mira. Sono venuta un paio di volte nella vostra "magica" bottega piena di meraviglie. Siete splendide... come le vostre creazioni!!!Sarebbe un sogno poter lavorare lì con voi.

da / from:    David & Sue England
data / date: 05/03/2013
Hello, We were very pleased on our first visit toVenice, for the Carnevale, to have found your wonderful shop and had the opportunity to see the beautiful dolls and masks you have created in your workshop. Thank you so much for allowing us to take the attached photograph, which we hope you like. When we come back in February 2014 we will definately call in again to see you. With best wishes

da / from:    marco fancelli
data / date: 14/11/2012
ciao ho comprato lo scorso anno a venezia una bambola di nome jolli, vorrei sapere se è ancora disponibile. grazie per la collaborazione

da / from:    Famiglia di Lorenzo di Germania
data / date: 06/11/2012
buona sera, Garzia, we just booked our trip to the venetian carnevale 2013 and for sure we will visit your atelier. This time not a red mask with golden patches is to achieve but a mask made from leather and will fit to a medeavial costume. See you on 09.02.12 or so

da / from:    Magie di Carnevale
data / date: 21/09/2012
Hi Sheila, We remember to you.. say hallo to your parents please. Hope to see you next may. Meantime I wish you a good marriage and happiness!! best regards Grace

da / from:    Sheila
data / date: 07/09/2012
Maria, My parents and I have wonderful memories visiting your shop and enjoying bicotti and chocolates with you and Salvatore. I will be in Venice May 2013 for my honeymoon. Naturally, I will stop by the store to say hello and introduce you to Pierre. My Mother and Father say hello and hope you and your family are dong well.

da / from:    Greenanna
data / date: 15/08/2012
I want to buy a "triangle" (your name is bambole), I can offer to you the photo whick I like. But I'm in Shanghai China now. How can I buy it? I'm looking forward to your reply. Thanks a lot.

da / from:    dave
data / date: 21/06/2012

da / from:    Kyle
data / date: 17/06/2012
My parents visited your shop and had a mask made for me on 13-6-12, gold, white, and black with sheet music. I wanted to say thank you. It is beautiful and I absolutly love it!

da / from:    Magie di Carnevale
data / date: 16/06/2012
Grazie Sig. Monica e grazie per il messaggio nel GuestBook.. Le auguro allora di tornare presto a Venezia e di passare per il Nostro negozio, ovviamente anche solo per un saluto! Grazia

da / from:    Monica
data / date: 15/06/2012
La scorsa estate ho acquistato una bella bambolina bionda da voi(Giulietta),ora ne vorrei prendere una più grande,sono veramente bellissime....spero presto di passare li da voi

da / from:    Ilona
data / date: 12/01/2012
Splendido - il negozio, le signore, tutte le explicazione. Io ci sono stata con un gruppo di studenti di Canada, erano tutti quanti stupefati. Splendid - the shop, the ladies, the explanations. I visited with a group of students from Canada, they were all exited about this experience in Magie di Carnevale !

da / from:    FIORELLA G.
data / date: 25/11/2011
complimenti per il sito da Fiorella GIOVANNI

da / from:    Luigi Bonivento
data / date: 30/10/2011
Non ho molto da dire se non che sono emozionato dopo aver visto che cosa si può fare nel proprio lavoro aggiungendo all'abilità manuale tanta passione. Veramente molto bello, complimenti.

da / from:    Trevor Prust
data / date: 03/09/2011
I shall treasure my mask and the memories of a lovely trip to Venice. One day D.V. I shall return. A lovely shop. Thank you.

da / from:    Magie di Carnevale
data / date: 02/03/2011
many thanks to you dear Dan and Sarla if you whant you can attack a picture about the sun in your home. thanks for the message. hope to see you next time in venice best regards Grace

da / from:    Dan & Sarla (Paris Region)
data / date: 01/03/2011
Hello, Many thanks for your beautiful golden sun mask bought from you two weeks back on 19th feb 2011. We returned back to Paris and lot of admiration for your work. You should remember us the indian couple Dan and Sarla. your sun mask shines our home je vous souhaite un tres bon courage et bonne chance pour tout. Dan et Sarla

da / from:    Magie di Carnevale
data / date: 18/01/2011
Thank you Nataly to write this beautiful message in my guest-book! I hope you come back in our shop. write me which one doll you have bought to remember you.. than you best regards Grace

da / from:    Nataly
data / date: 18/01/2011
Good day! Thank you for the beautiful dolls that so much warmth and soul invested you with love. I will definitely be back for new ones!

da / from:    Michal Kowal
data / date: 02/09/2010
A lot of thanks and words of admiration from my son Alexander. We bought mask of Capitan Tempesta for him, and he is very happy, especially seeing pics from you shop and your work, Grazia. Thanks a lot. BTW I'm the film director and I gonna make a documentary about Venice in short time. I'd like to show Venice by eyes of its citizens. I'd like to invite you, Grazia, and your mom to be a one of most important personages of the movie. Would you kindly answer to my email best wishes

da / from:     Michel B
data / date: 04/08/2010
The pics, you aske for. Thanks for make this nice Doll. Met vriendelijke groet, Michel B

da / from:    Erna and Walther
data / date: 28/06/2010
Hello there in Venice. In the annexe you can find a few pictures of the masks we did buy a few weeks ago. What an amazing look on our wall. Thank you for the fine art you deliveed to us. Erna and Walther (Belgium)

da / from:    Grazia
data / date: 19/06/2010
Gent. Signor Luciano, La ringrazio molto di aver inserito il Suo messaggio nel nostro "guest book" mi ricordo di Lei e quando ha comprato la bambola ho immaginato fosse un "regalo speciale", sono molto felice che sia piaciuta a Sua moglie. =) Un saluto, alla prossima. Grazia

da / from:    cattini luciano
data / date: 17/06/2010
sono venuto in negozio domenica 13-06 e ò comprato la bambola Francesca,per fare un regalo a mia moglie,collezionista di bambole,è piaciuta molto.tanti saluti cattini

da / from:    Peter & Tina
data / date: 13/05/2010
Photo By Peter W.

da / from:    Peter & Tina
data / date: 13/05/2010
Hallo dear people from Magie di Carnevale, very sorry it took some time to get this e-mail to your side. We came to your shop and bought two masks and a black cape with the intention to take some photographs early in the morning on Marcus square with my wife and the masks and cape. Well, we did and are very happy with the outcome. (See attachment) We also did some more pictures in some quiet Venetian Streets. We loved your City very much and of course it is the perfect setting for this kind of photo shoot. How great it must be during the Carnevale time, it must be really special during that time. Best regards Peter & Tina W

da / from:    Ingrid & Arno
data / date: 08/05/2010
Thank you again, that we were aloud to make photos in your shop. Best regards Ingrid and Arno

da / from:    Lisa C. A.
data / date: 10/04/2010
Hello! I want to thank you again for taking the time last week to share with us the art of mask making. Attached are the photos I took last week of Grazia making a mask. Also, thank you so much for the gift of the sun and moon decoration. I did not know you had put that in the bag and it was a nice surprise! We had a wonderful time in Venice and visiting your store was one of the highlights of our trip. I hope to return again someday!! Again, thank you! I hope you enjoy the pictures! Un abrazo, Lisa Á.

da / from:    Danny + Sami
data / date: 03/04/2010
Hello, These are the photos, I hope you like them. 1 mask is in London and 1 is in Los Angeles, admired by many. Grazie Muchisimo! Danny + Sami x x

da / from:    Thomas Vossler (
data / date: 08/03/2010
Hallo, Grace! Es war mir eine Freude, Ihr Geschäft zu besuchen und eine Ehre, von Ihnen in meinem Joker-Kostüm fotografiert zu werden. Herzlichen Dank nochmals für die Übersendung der Bilder! - Bis zum Carnevale 2011, mit den besten Grüßen, herzlichst Thomas Vossler

da / from:    Magie di Carnevale
data / date: 25/02/2010
Gent. Erika, Grazie per aver lasciato il tuo messaggio Siamo Felici di averti accontentata, è quello che cerchiamo di fare sempre con i nostri clienti! speriamo di rivederci presto allora a Venezia! Grazia

da / from:    Magie di Carnevale
data / date: 23/02/2010
Grazie Michele, sono contenta che ancora ti ricordi di noi se torni a Venezia saremo felici di salutarti. Grazia

da / from:    Michele
data / date: 20/02/2010
salve signora Rita, ciao Grazia, dopo il tuo intervento in radio DJ, mi sono ricordato del laboratorio dove ho acquistato 3 anni fa delle maschere x la mia sorellina. spero di esserci presto a venezia così una capatina la faccio volentieri. Un abbraccio e a presto

da / from:    Melanie
data / date: 10/02/2010
i bought a doll from you in January 2006. She is beautiful, thank you.

da / from:    alessandra
data / date: 08/02/2010
ciao,ho sentito il tuo intervento alla radio e sono corsa a visitare il vs.sito..avete una produzione spettacolare e rifinitissima. complimenti a tutti!

da / from:    
data / date: 07/02/2010
Hello from California! I purchased "Diavolo" pupi several years ago and wonder if you still have information on the box to display him? Your work is quite elegant and unusual and a wonderful momento of Venice!

da / from:    Erika Bonanni (PV)
data / date: 19/01/2010
Gentili amiche, io e mio marito abbiamo trascorso dei bellissimi giorni presso la vostra magica città, ce ne siamo innamorati, e io non mi sono mai tolta il bellissimo tricorno che mi avete preparato proprio come piaceva a me: ora che sono a casa non faccio che riguardarlo come fosse un tesoro, l'ho sempre sognato! ringrazio tutte per la cortesia, la simpatia e la gentilezza! Torneremo a trovarvi, io già non vedo l'ora. complimenti per la vostra maestria e la vostra arte, preservatela!

da / from:    Magie di Carnevale - Grazia
data / date: 19/01/2010
dear Walter we wait you =) see You soon Grace

da / from:    Puls 4
data / date: 13/01/2010
Hallo Frau Rita. Bin der Fotograf von Puls 4,der schon einige Fotos bei Ihnen gemacht habe. Wir sehen uns wieder heuer beim Carnevale di Venezia 2010. Liebe Grüße aus Wien Walter

da / from:    Marijke
data / date: 14/11/2009
Dear Madam, Please find one of the photographs you so kindly allowed me to take in your shop. They make a fine memory of the days I spent in Venice. Thank you once again. Sincerely yours Marijke M. The Netherlands.

da / from:    Erik GEMELS
data / date: 23/07/2009
Goede dag uit België. Ik was de persoon die u enkele weken geleden vroeg een gepast PIERROT masker te maken ... Hello, from Belgium. I was the one who asked you to make a fitting Pierrot Mask, a few weeks ago in your shop.

da / from:    Johann Sauerstein
data / date: 17/04/2009

da / from:    Johann Sauerstein
data / date: 17/04/2009
Liebe Frau Rita, sende Ihnen wie versprochen einige Fotos die ich in Ihrem Geschäft bei der Herstellung einer Maske gemacht habe. Viel Freude mit den Fotos und beste Grüße Johann Sauerstein

da / from:    
data / date: 17/04/2009
Lg. from Vienna Walter

da / from:    
data / date: 17/04/2009
Lg. from Vienna Walter

da / from:    Grazia - Magie di Carnevale
data / date: 23/03/2009
Gent. Lello e Luisa, Grazie per la visita e il messaggio! Le nostre Bambole, come le maschere, sono tutte fatte a mano quindi non possono MAI essere uguali e per garatire l'unicità del prodotto ai nostri clienti creiamo sempre articoli differenti. Per questo il nostro catalogo è da considerarsi indicativo e sempre in evoluzione. Arrivederci a presto!

da / from:    Lello e Luisa
data / date: 20/03/2009
La visita del laboratorio è stato un piacere così la bambola che abbiamo comperato (a proposito come si chiamera:ha un vestito in broccato antico e non è in catalogo. Torneremo :A presto

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